Jay and Rico

Jay and Rico
Jay and Rico Wedding Invitation

Jay and Rico

From the beginning, Jay and Rico had ideas in mind for their wedding invitation. The final design features the following elements requested by the couple:

  • A color palette representing Jay and Rico’s cultural backgrounds (Filipino and German, respectively). Based on both countries’ flags, color swatches of red, gold, blue, and white were used in the design.
  • Illustrated stalks of rice (a major Filipino crop) and barley (a typical German grain) incorporated into the invitation’s background.
  • A design with “simple elegance” – one that looks “modern with a hint of fun”.

Also, to further make the wedding invitation uniquely theirs, a letter mark logo using Jay and Rico’s first initials was created and placed at the bottom of the piece.

By request, Jay and Rico’s last names and personal information have been edited out of the photos displaying their wedding invitation.